A European tour of London

Someone has contacted our office and asked for some ideas of European-themed monuments etc to visit with his class when they come on a trip to London in February. I posted about it on Facebook and Twitter and got a few ideas. Luckily, just at that point our work servers crashed, so that gave me some time to do a bit of digging about and put the ideas together on a Google map.

So here it is and if you have any other suggestions, particularly quirky ones like the Savoy entry, then please leave a comment and I’ll update the map.

4 comments on “A European tour of London”:

  1. There’s a monument along the Thames downstream from tube station Embankment, dedicated to the Belgian soldiers fallen during the wars. It is right along the riverside road before you reach the Temple area.
    This is then another monument to European history. There the Templar Order church with a monument to that religious military order.
    There’s also am monument to Edith Cavell, English nurse that operated in Belgian field hospitals during WWI. I think it’s on Leicester Square. I hope this helped.
    Pascal DANIELS