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euonym (n):

1. (obscure) A name well suited to a person, place or thing so named.

2. (contemp.) The name of the blog of a 40-something Brit doing a living in Melbourne.

You can also follow me on Twitter as @euonymblog.

My name is Antonia and I’m a British citizen who has been working for the European Commission since 1995. From 2003 to 2011 I was involved on the media side, as a Spokesperson, most recently for Science and Research, and then as Head of Media in our London office. In September 2011 I moved to be head of communication and networks in the London office.

I am currently on a career break and living in Melbourne. I cam e here to study for the Executive Master of Arts at Melbourne University and am now working as a Knowledge and Communication consultant.

I went to the London School of Economics and in 2008 took part in the Eisenhower Fellowship Multination Programme, the subject of 2 of my blogs.

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  1. Just love the picture of the hair flapping about over some gorge leading to the way beyond – is that significant?

    Keep blogging, esp. re. Euromyths; someone’s gotta do it, and the UK gov. is clearly not up to the job (not that it gives a flying toss).

  2. Was just the only picture that fit the space given! It’s the Corinth Canal actually. Thanks for the support, will do my best…

  3. Hi Antonia, love the blog! I am a journalism student and at the moment I am writing my dissertation, which focuses on the EU and the British press. As you probably know, people don’t know a lot about the EU in this country, and the Euro skeptic press only fans false preconceptions and Euromyths. I was just wondering what your take is on how to educate people, and why the media are so biased and suspicious of the EU?
    Thanks and keep up the good work, Sam.

  4. Hi,

    I like your blog a lot. Let’s really get the discussion on communicating Europe going – not least how to stimulate it with and in all the new interactive tools.

    I strongly believe that we actively have to use many important elements of Obama’s very successful on-line communication strategy


  5. Hello Antonia,
    Nicely written blog and absolutely the right thing to be doing. Are you that mythical creature the Commission “e-ambassador”? Not yet often seen in the wild, but hopefully multiplying rapidly…
    The web editors of the European Parliament (the day-job authors of what you find on the top news page at http://www.europarl.eu) have also set out into the blogosphere, via their new site http://www.ep-webeditors.eu. Maybe you’d like to check us out.

  6. Love the picture. Great location. I have a question. As a creative company i’d like to know how we can get involved with the visual communications development side of the European Commission.

    Thank you.

  7. Nice to see you, Antonia. Especially as you’re standing about a mile from my house at the Corinth Canal!


  8. Hello Antonia,

    I am trying to help a friend who has been involved
    in an important project which stands to benefit
    schools and their multicultural students in Wales.
    My friend has funded this project for the last 7
    years herself and through donations from various
    individuals and is rapidly running out of
    enthusiasm of securing any kind of funding here
    from the WAG, who, from my point of view, are
    completely ineffectual in sorting out the myriad
    of problems in Wales. I have just returned from
    Brussels after 22 years and have settled back
    in Swansea and used to work for NATO and
    the European Commission at one stage. I have
    been sent a link re funding from the Commission
    but I haven’t been able to find the right link
    in this connection. Her website is quite impressive and dynamic and is http://www.peacemala.org.uk. Perhaps you could shed
    some light on the funding avenue we could pursue. Thanks Jenny Treasure

    1. Hello Antonia,

      Thanks very much for this. It is so hopeless
      here in Wales to get any help for such a
      worthwhile project. As you can see from the
      website, there are several eminent people
      who have endorsed this project and I just
      cannot understand why there is no help for it.
      If you need some information concerning the
      Peace Mala’s objectives, Pam Evans can
      talk to you about it, just let me know. I will
      pass on your comments below.

  9. Hi Antonia,
    I’m a EU citizen (French / Belgian) living in London. I hols a bachelor in communications and journalism, and worked for a few years as an IT-business journalist, and as a communications and project manager (in Delhi) for a French publishing house. I am now doing an MA in Human Rights at the University of London, and would love to get involved with Europeaid. So I was wondering if you needed an intern (with experience) to help you?

    1. If you go to our website ec.europa.eu and look under working with us, you will see details of our volunteer placement scheme, which you can apply for if you are a registered student.

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