Coming week to 19 March

I thought I’d experiement with putting information here about which Commissioners are coming to town, events organised by us and so on. It’ll usually be updated on a Friday or a Monday, when the Calendar comes out. It will be unashamedly UK-centric, and bringing together publicly available information.┬áPlease let me know if you find it useful.

All week – European Ombusdman visits UK, speeches in various cities.

16 March – Conservative shadow justice and home affairs team visits Commissioner Reding in Brussels

18 March – David Lammy, UK Minister for higher education and intellectual property meet Commissioner Barnier in Brussels

19 March – Commissioner Ashton is in Moscow for the Quartet meeting. Commissioner Andor is in Brussels at a conference of the GINI (Growing Inequalites’ Impact) project. Conference at BFI Southbank on using European cinema as a learning aid

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  1. Hi Antonia

    Doing some general Europa research as part of my day job role – apart from being very much a European as a private citizen.

    Wondered if there is any history, record or culture of EU Commisioners visiting the localities, i.e. outside national capitals, to see how EU legisaltion and funding positively impacts, or not, on those localities.
    How for example do you go about commissioners to come to Yorkshire and Humber? Would even the invitation be worthwhile? Local Government Yorkshire and Humber (LGYH) are trying, perhaps counter-culturally and against teh possible zeigiest, to develop a much more positive, pragmatic and strategic approach to EU institutional enagement and influence (at a time when the financial environment for public bodies is perhaps tending to see the EU dimension as becoming less relevant and becoming more so with the prospect of significant post 2013 reductions in structural funds, pontially for areas of poverty in this and other UK regions.

    1. Hi James

      We try very hard to encourage Commissioners to travel beyond London (and Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh, where we also have offices) and see what’s going on in the rest of the UK. Last year we had various visits outside London, particularly by the Regional Policy and Communications Commissioners. When I worked for the Research Commissioner, we went to Derby and Nottingham to visit European research work going on there. I guess it’s a question of a programme that makes too good an opportunity for them to miss! Do contact our Regional sector here (Liz Holt is the head of sector) if you have specific suggestions. Even in the absence of a Commissioner, this office is always keen to engage outside London.

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