EU Girl Geeks – UK chapter

I have the immense privilege ( is there is tongue-in-cheek emoticon?!) to be considered as an EUGirlGeek. It’s another example of that particularly female phenomenon of finding strength in joining together – see also the GetSET network for women in Science and Engineering, the network of UK women in the EU institutions or even parent networks like Mumsnet or Netmums. So we might be a niche group – women who use technology to develop their interest in EU affairs – but we can’t only be Brussels-based. So this is a shout out to anyone who would like to start a UK Chapter of the EUGirl Geeks. Sign up and we can try to get together occasionally.

Update 4pm: This is the Facebook page that Lino refers to in the comments below, a good starting point for any potential interested parties.

6 comments on “EU Girl Geeks – UK chapter”:

  1. The more the merrier! So happy to see a great EU Girl Geek launch the initiative in the UK…Need to get other capitals going in the future! Let’s maybe also try to use the Facebook Table607 page as a starting point (we can always split if things become too big?) . And I’m all for field trips but let’s organise them when the shopping season is at its best on both sides 🙂 (cause a girl even if she’s an EU geek has gotta buy shoes sometimes)

  2. Let the UK chapter be the one of many more to come with the Brussels one as hub. A network that puts a face to the EU and joins (girl) forces. 🙂 Great initiative Antonia.

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