Going local

No this isn’t about EU communication policy. It’s about my street in Charlton, South-East London, which has decided to have a street party for the Jubilee. We got a note through the door a few weeks ago and last night those that were interested in helping out met in a local pub to talk through the ideas. For a start, there were a refreshingly large number of us – more than 20 I think. As someone who does a lot of organising of things, I’m used to that moment when you ask people to step up and suddenly find yourself with perhaps one or two other people. But not last night – just about everyone that turned up wanted to commit to doing something specific, and I think the problem is going to be more managing quite an unwieldy group rather than a few people being left to do everything. What a pleasant problem to have! Even if nothing comes of the whole enterprise (which seems unlikely) it was worth going along just to have met people in the street. I’ve been there 2 and a half years and really only know one family, my next-door neighbours. I didn’t even recognise the people there last night. And that’s going to be different now, which is great. It also gave an insight into the diversity of people that live in one street in South East London. People who have lived there their whole lives to people who have moved in recently; yummy mummies to duckers and divers; several nationalities; single people to large families. It’s a real microcosm of London and British life and I’m really happy that we’ll all be coming together on 4 June to have a good time.

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