How creative are you?

If you’re an existing or aspiring journalist, there are two pretty cool competitions going on at the moment which you might be interested in.

The first is the Enlargement Young Journalist award, open to journalists and journalism students aged 17 to 35 from the EU or current and future candidate countries. They’re looking for a creative, thought-provoking piece – online print or AV –  focussed on the expansion of the EU. There are national winners and then three Special Prizes.

The second is AV only, and is looking for a 3 minute piece on what Europe means to you, with at least 90 seconds using footage available from the audiovisual portal. Most of the material available through the portal is raw and unedited, as it’s intended for broadcasters, so there’s a lot of room for creativity there too. Details and rules available here. The winning entries will be screened at MIPTV in Cannes and the winner will walk away with €10000

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  1. There is also a new round of Th!nk about it:

    “The competition will bring together journalists, journalism students, academics and experts from 27 EU Member States, neighborhood countries and beyond, to write about global cooperation in international development. Selected participants will come together to launch round three of TH!NK ABOUT IT in Brussels in March 2010.”

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