It’s perhaps a little lazy on my part, but here are links to a few interesting articles from the weekend, as we head into election week:

The Independent on why next week’s elections should be about Europe and not MPs’ expenses

Peter Preston in the Guardian gets all futuristic about a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

A reminder that history is not always how it’s painted (something I am reminded of when I see Churchill on UKIP election material – do they know who coined the phrase “United States of Europe“?)

And a general link to the consistently good (even if I don’t always agree with him) Charlemagne.

One comment on “Lazy

  1. We have opened up our borders, harmonised laws, share a common currency (for the most part), have a powerful voice in the world, but the media has still not embraced our great union. The tapestry of Europe runs deep in all our veins, we must share our stories, our songs, our dreams, our hopes, our pain, our fears, a love found, a love lost.

    We need to share a common spirit, without one the EU will be nothing more than a forgien ruler, with one we will have a family that will endure.

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