Please take my survey on mobility and identity

My elective this semester is a sociological course on ‘Mobility, Culture and Communication’. I have a paper to write as the main part of the assessment and I am hoping you can help me, by taking this short survey (also embedded below). I am looking at the issue of mobility within the EU and how it impacts on the nation state. Within that, I’d like to examine how intra-EU mobility affects people’s sense of national identity. If you are a national of one EU member state living in a different Member State, please do take the survey and pass it on to others you think it applies to. Feel free to contact me either here, via Twitter or privately via the contact page, if you have anything else to add to the issue.

The survey


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  1. Hi Antonia, on the language question, you did not take into account that in Belgium we have 2, so I am fluent in French but have very basic Dutch, so hesitated on the answer… Good luck with your paper!

  2. Good luck with your research! You might be interested to read “A Community of Europeans?: Transnational Identities and Public Spheres” by Thomas Risse.

    1. I had already got Transnational Identities: Becoming European in the EU out of the library, which is joint edited by him, and is proving interesting. For this work I’m less interested in the idea of European identity in and of itself, than how movement within Europe affects people’s sense of national identity. But the broader European stuff is obviously of long-term interest, not least at helping us work out where we might be going wrong on the communication side!

    1. the reason I asked about TV, newspapers etc and not online was exactly because those tend to be more parcelled. Am still learning about these things. Still, have had a great response and can let it run a while yet, so very positive! Thanks for taking part.

  3. I think it would be interesting if parents – although they are NOW both the same as my nationality – have other or used to have other nationalities. I would assume this makes people more open for moving countries.

    Also, the sports, newspaper, magazine and radio questions all assume that these are things people are actually interested in. I don’t read newspapers, magazines and don’t listen to the radio. I get all my news from a variety of sources of undefined origin. And I consume A LOT of it.

    I never ever watch sports. And if I did, would I have to do this with nationalism in mind?

    TV is a funny questions as well as i watch all kinds of TV on the internet so it’s not so much a national but a content choice. I also watch a lot of TV and still couldn’t answer your question.

  4. Hi,

    My parents nationality is the same as mine but only because they became naturalised citizens. Before that they had another nationality which is where they were born and raised.

  5. I completed the survey. I have a couple of comments. Some people have dual nationality. Also some people might feel an affinity with a country other than their country of birth or current residence.

  6. For me the country that I identify most is NL because my husband is Dutch, although we have been living in BE for 5 years now and I’m originally from Eastern Europe. Moreover, I’ve lived in NL for 4 years, which changes things as well. I also have dual citizenship (not NL/BE) and so do my parents. Hope this helps a bit with the interpretation of your data!

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