Sarkozy’s shower

There are various media reports today that EU taxpayers have paid £160m for the French Presidency, including £250,000 for a shower. EU presidencies are paid for by the country that runs them, with the exception of *some* of the costs of the summit(s) held in Brussels. So while I understand there has been considerable criticism within France, and it is a report of the French court of auditors that has led to this story, this is an issue for French taxpayers – the EU budget didn’t contribute directly to the Presidency and its events, and certainly wouldn’t have paid for a shower at the Elysée Palace.

4 comments on “Sarkozy’s shower”:

  1. Antonia,

    Why so quiet? Sarkozy’s shower is irrelevant.
    The EU has now one it’s battle to intrude into every aspect of our lives via the Lisbon Constitution & you have nothing to say?


    1. The blogosphere had quite enough comment on Lisbon without me chipping in, whereas this was the only place to point out that coverage saying the EU paid for the shower was completely wrong.

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