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Rethinking digital measurement

One of my responsibilities in the Representation is managing our digital and social media presence. In order to improve how we do this, we have been doing monthly reports looking at each of the channels (Facebook, Twitter, the various websites) and seeing how many hits they get, what the most popular items have been and what search terms are used. There is then a qualitative section that tries to explain the numbers and draw lessons for the future.

So far so good and I think it is worthwhile. But we’re not totally happy that we’re getting the right feel for how things are working, or making the most of analytical possibilities. So I was hoping people out there that know more about this sort of thing than me might have some suggestions for how we could improve our evaluation and monitoring of our online presence. This isn’t an invitation for you to pitch for a consultancy contract or an expensive monitoring service as we have zero budget. I would just hope that there were some tips on what questions we should be asking ourselves.

Thanks for listening :)