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A quick practical guide to Twitter

Most of the presentations and training sessions I do on social media tend to focus on the ‘why’ rather than the ‘how’, as I think that you need to get that right first. As I heard at the Westminster eForum event on Wednesday:

But sometimes you do need to look at the ‘how’ and the ‘what’, so I’ve done a quick guide to Getting your head round Twitter. It doesn’t pretend to be comprehensive, but is there to help those that aren’t quite sure where to start. If people find it useful, maybe I’ll do a Next Steps guide!

Policy priorities for social media

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will have been bombarded yesterday with tweets with the hashtag #WeFEvents I was at an event organised by the Westminster eForum, on policy priorities for social media. By the last session it had got a bit too brand value/ROI/marketing for my needs, but the first session on legal issues, and hearing from Richard Allan, head of policy at Facebook EMEA was very useful. Here’s the Storify: