Time for something of a change

Something very exciting is happening to me in a few month’s time. I will be packing up a couple of bags and moving to Melbourne for 18 months. I’ve decided to go back to university, and have been accepted on to the Executive Master of Arts at Melbourne, a leadership-type programme targeted at people in mid-career, and with a strong communication component, which I’m sure you can imagine appealed to me very strongly! I think a new perspective on the world, from a part of it that I don’t know very well, is just what I need at the moment.

I’ll definitely keep blogging, and hopefully will have more time and more space in my head to devote to it. I’m sure I’ll be interested in the same kind of issues on the other side of the world: tech, engagement with politics, use of social media especially for the public sector, EU stuff and foreign languages.

I’ve still got a few months in London, culminating in the Citizens’ Dialogue event on 10 February, so you’ll still be hearing from me here for a while yet.

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