When beards got political

So Eurovision is over for another year, and the bearded drag queen won. I didn’t particularly like the song, but, especially as I carry out some research into the political and socio-historical importance of Eurovision, was glad to acknowledge the win as a symbol of how far we have come in recognising the rights of people to love whoever they want within an adult, consenting relationship and to express themselves in ways that challenge norms.

Well, how far some of us have come. Papers and news sites are today carrying stories of Russian men shaving off their beards in protest at the participation of Conchita Wurst and of course the win. Maybe they weren’t the only ones.

Well if they can use beards as a political protest so can I. I went to a website where you can add a beard to your picture, and that’s what I’ve done. And I’m now going to use it as my avatar in solidarity with Conchita Wurst and what her win stood for. It would be rather cool if some other people did that too.


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